Fozz Are...


Elliot Foskett


Elliot has been writing and performing songs since he was a teenager. He is the front-man of the band, plays guitar and more recently has also taken up producing.


Tony Lacy



Tony has been playing drums for more years than he cares to recall. He has played with a number of original bands as well as covers, cutting his teeth on the function and club circuit as a teenager. 

More recently, Tony has been playing sessions for bands alongside his work with Fozz. 

John Wilkes


John currently plays bass for Fozz along with a number of other bands. He and Tony have been playing together in one form or another for over 30 years!

Cathy Fagan



Cathy plays sax in Fozz - but her talents don't end there! Cathy plays a number of instruments both in the studio and live, including guitar.




 A band that seems to defy any genre or mould, Fozz have evolved but have stubbornly refused to compromise their musical freedom.

Fozz formed in 2000 when three like-minded musicians got together to work on playing and performing the original and award winning songs written by front-man Elliot Foskett, later playing on the national stage to critical acclaim.
The band morphed in style when Elliot and drummer Tony Lacy were joined by new bassist John Wilkes. They released their first full studio album, ‘Dates, Mates & Carving Knives’ in 2005. Fozz continued to perform and were joined by sax and woodwind player, Cathy Fagan completing the current line up.

Starting Again

Their recent album, 'Start Again' is a re-invention for Fozz, it represents over a decade of angst and life experience!

Fozz are currently in the studio working on their third studio album.